At Borg Law Group, we focus on protecting your business and protecting your family.

Whether it’s business planning, real estate law, corporate law, estate planning, or probate, you can trust Borg Law Group to provide you with the personal, approachable, and knowledgeable legal services you don’t often experience at traditional firms.

Our firm does not bill by the hour for every service or file and defend lawsuits. Instead, we are a consultative firm that designs efficient and cost-effective strategies and plans to protect our clients while bringing them peace of mind. We are your responsive legal counselors who help to simplify your life while treating you with the respect you deserve.

Brook Borg

Brooke M. Borg, Esq.

Haley Price

Haley Price, Esq.

Heidi Burch

Heidi Burch

Matt Borg

Matthew D. Borg

Becky LaFavore

Becky LaFavore

Keygan Sprague

Sherry Quinney